As Henry's men try to claim Britain, Siobhan fights to reclaim her keep from the usurper Norman knight Tristain DuMaine. When his keep is captured, Siobhan knows she must wed Tristain to protect her home. This is to be a pure act of revenge, but what begins in hatred will grow into an undying passion.

There are forces at work Tristain and Siobhan know nothing about: Demons in the forest threaten their lives more than the battle between Norman and Saxon; and vampires are engaged in a struggle for control of their world.

Though Tristain has cheated death thousands of times, he meets a man who gives him immortality and the ability to take his vengeance on Siobhan. He will also be drawn into a battle between the living and undead.

Caught in this tangled realm, Tristain and Siobhan find a love greater than any they imagined, a passion leading into the fray to save themselves and the world.

Blue (Jayel Wylie) cleverly crafts the second book in her vampire trilogy so that readers not only feel they are living, breathing and seeing medieval England, but are part of the world of the vampire. She ensnares you in a delicate, yet powerful web of suspense, passion and the paranormal so that you become a willing captive and a true believer in the world she has created. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin