Grace Chastain begins to believe the legends surrounding the family heirloom necklace when she is taken prisoner by her father's enemy, British privateer Ethan Sharpe.

Ethan believes Harmon Jeffries, Viscount Forsythe, to be the traitor who betrayed him to the French. As soon as he learns that Jeffries has been freed from prison by Grace, whom he believes is Jeffries' mistress, he hunts her down. He plans to take her hostage to force her into revealing Jeffries' hiding place.

As in any wonderful captive/captor romance, the tables are turned and Ethan discovers he's met his match in Grace. Although Grace resists his sensual pursuit, there is no denying the sizzling attraction she has for Ethan—or the delightful, sexy and highly satisfying read Martin delivers. Get set for another winner by a writer who knows how to steal your heart. SENSUAL (Aug., 414 pp., $7.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin