The notorious rake Damien, Lord Falcon, knew the minute Alexa Garrick walked into the room that the moment to avenge his brother's death was at hand. By inviting Alexa into a game of chance, one she cannot win, he hopes to seduce the heiress out of a fortune and into his bed. Instead, the rogue gets caught in his own trap.

Though Alexa knows Damien is a dangerous man-branded a smuggler or worse-she cannot resist the temptations he offers. When circumstances force them to wed, Alexa vows to make it a happy union. However, as soon as she discovers Damien's secret, Alexa plunges them into a disastrous situation.

From the London offices of the military to the shores of Britain and the glittering halls of Napoleon's France, Alexa and Damien must find a way out of the deadly games of treachery and betrayal being played out around them. Together they must find a way to build a deep and lasting love from the ashes of a dark hate.

Kat Martin will bedazzle readers with another wondrous, action-packed and sensual Regency-set romance. Skillfully spinning an enticing, spellbinding tale that brims over with passion and adventures, she sears the reader's heart once again. SENSUAL (June, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin