Image of The Devil's Right Hand (Dante Valentine, Book 3)


Image of The Devil's Right Hand (Dante Valentine, Book 3)

This angry and kick-ass heroine's internal demons are almost worse than the external ones she fights. Saintcrow's amazing protagonist is gutsy, stubborn to a fault and vaguely suicidal, meaning there's never a dull moment in the third chapter of this mesmerizing series. This is the ultimate in urban fantasy!

After being severely wounded on her last case, Necromance Dante Valentine can at least look forward to the resurrection of her fallen demon lover, Japhrimel. While recovering, Dante and Japh have hidden from the world, but once again the Prince of Hell is calling.

Japh was formerly the Devil's Right Hand, and now the Prince insists that Dante fill that role and hunt down four powerful demons who have escaped hell. With little choice, Dante agrees but is confused when Japh makes his own side deal. Can she trust her dangerous and enigmatic lover? With demons gunning for her on all sides, staying alive and completing her job is going to be quite a trick. (ORBIT, Sep., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith