When Lord Kerlain dies he leaves his estate jointly to his grandson in Tennessee and his ward, Diana Whitleby, hoping to bring them together.

Proof Lad Walker doesnt want anything to do with the grandfather who disinherited his father for marrying his mother. But he does wonder about Kerlain and his ancestry.

Proof Lad finds more than he expects at Kerlainhe finds his true love in Diana. But their marriage is not the happy ending. Proof Lad loses Kerlain to Viscount Carden, a cunning and vile man. Diana makes a deal with the devil. If they are unable to pay off their debt in three years time, then she will divorce Proof Lad and marry Carden.

Proof Lad spends the next three years away from Kerlain working to reclaim his inheritance, his honor and his beloved wife.

The last in the Wager Trilogy, DEVILS WAGER is a carefully constructed novel that is intricately tied to the previous books in the series, making you want to become reacquainted with them to put everything into perspective. Good storytelling and engaging characters make this a stand-out if not stand-alone book. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin