There are multiple orgy scenes, a profusion of partners and a lot of romantic emotion in this novella. Lovers Neil and James are two very different men and the author takes care to showcase their unique characteristics while at the same time revealing how they compliment each other. Therefore, when heroine Devon enters their relationship, the tension created by her sudden connection to both men, as well as the rest of the Powertools construction crew, is realistic and touching. This is a great story with plenty of hot sex that will satisfy any erotica reader and a lot of heart that will appeal to those looking for a great romance.

The Powertools construction crew members have been best friends for years. They share a business, each other’s bodies and even their soul mates. However, the group’s easygoing dynamic is about to be rocked by one Devon Giles. Dev has been hired on as the new crew apprentice, but the group is not expecting her to be a woman. 

Devon proves herself as a hard worker, enthusiastic about learning the ins and outs of building. And she is pleasantly surprised to also learn the joys of group sex with her new hot bosses. While Devon is drawn to all of the men, it is Neil and his lover James who speak to her heart. Devon is unsure of where she will fit into their relationship, but she knows that she will do anything to continue to indulge in the wild nights and sweet morning afters she shares with the men that she has grown to love. (SAMHAIN, Jan., dl., $3.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne