DEVOTION, a spin-off from Ms. Sutcliffe's best-selling Miracle, enraptures readers who adore a dark, brooding hero and a heroine who is his match.

When Maria Ashton accepts a position to care for the Duke of Salterdon, Trey Hawthorne, she believes she will care for a child. Instead she discovers a man, wounded in an encounter with outlaws and trapped in the dark world of his mind, unwilling to return to the living.

Kind-hearted Maria cannot leave Trey. Even when he awakens and becomes hostile she stands by her promise to make him well. Somehow this little lady makes her way into Trey's heart and soul, bringing light and love into his life.

However, there can be no marriage between a servant and her master, only forbidden desire. Still, as Maria heals Trey, she opens her heart to his passion and they travel down a path that can lead either to true devotion or heartbreak.

Katherine Sutcliffe leaves few emotions untapped in this exquisite romance. Her characters leave the pages of the book to take residence in your heart and the story glows with compassion and the sheer power of love to overcome all boundaries. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin