Parks gives us two uneven stories that feature interesting Colonial Boston vampire lore interspersed with uninspiring sex and improbable actions and interactions. The brooding vampires are more appealing than the heroines,
who have questionable judgment.

After three centuries, Benjamin still mourns the loss of his ship and crew. A loner, he hides out in his mansion while dwelling on the past. Then Star shows up at his door after a vehicle breakdown, and he feels an immediate attraction and connection to her. Secrets from his long-ago past combine with Star's imminent danger in "Dark Obsession."

Vampire Chris is finally closing in on the legendary talisman that he has been hunting for years. Finding it could allow him to walk in sunlight -- if he can defeat an evil master vampire first. Now, if only he could control his "Blood Lust" for sexy archeologist Nicole, then he could focus on his objective and heed those warnings from his intuition. (APHRODISIA, Sep., 304 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan