Image of Devoured (A Hatton and Roumande Mystery)


Image of Devoured (A Hatton and Roumande Mystery)

The Victorian Age saw an awakening in both forensic medicine and foreign exploration. Many Victorians became collectors of strange and sometimes frightening artifacts from a world most would never see. Meredith’s research is superb. The smallest details show the interior life of the characters and the conditions they lived in. This is a dark story, but fascinating and brilliantly executed.

The intellectual and notorious Lady Blessingham has been murdered, surrounded by her collection of curiosities from distant lands. Professor of the new science of forensics Adolphus Hatton and his morgue assistant Albert Roumonde are called in to examine the crime scene and the body. They are the best of the new age of scientific investigation into crime, but they’re also controversial and working from a basement with almost no funds. They soon discover this murder is attached to a series of others, all connected to a packet of letters whose publication someone will do anything to stop. (MINOTAUR, Nov., 288 pp., $24.99)
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Page Traynor