For as long as she could remember Nicky Thompson's home was Sanctuary, an outlaw hideout deep in Indian Territory, protected by mountains and guards where notorious bandits like Butch Cassidy and the James Brothers could refuge from the law.

Kane O'Brien, "Diablo," has a mission to complete; he must find Sanctuary and lead the law to the hideout or his best friend will die. To Nicky, Kane is the most handsome renegade she has ever seen and though surrounded by men, he's the only one who makes her heart beat faster and has her wishing for a dress.

Kane meets Nicky's innocent challenge to see her as a woman and though he's well aware of the danger, he falls in love with the spirited young woman, jeopardizing his mission, his freedom and his life.

However, when things become dangerous for Nicky and her family, it is Kane who does his best not only to see them to safety but to save Sanctuary and their love from those who would destroy them.

This dazzling western romance is another masterpiece from a highly gifted storyteller. Patricia Potter looks deeply into the human soul and finds the best and brightest in each character to help them face the challenges put before them with courage and love. This is what romance is all about. SENSUAL (Apr., 345 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin