Image of Diablo (Texans)


Image of Diablo (Texans)

One of the "queens of western romance," Gentry is known for her ability to balance the harsh reality, the history and the romanticism of the West. This new story delivers her usual strong, wounded hero and undaunted heroine whose love heals all wounds.

Rescued by a compassionate rancher in his youth, a half-breed boy grows into a man feared throughout the West: the fast gun Diablo. Few know of his dream of revenge against the man who tortured him, Hurd Kruger.

He heads for Wyoming, where he plans to destroy his enemy. He'll use any means necessary, including Sunny, the woman Kruger hopes to marry. But strong-willed, kindhearted Sunny brings out the hero in Diablo. He protects her, and though he abducts her, there is no stopping falling in love. Sunny believes in his inherent goodness and once she's his woman, nothing will stop her from redeeming him. (ZEBRA, Feb., 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin