Image of Diagnosis: Attraction (Harlequin Intrigue\Mindbenders)


Image of Diagnosis: Attraction (Harlequin Intrigue\Mindbenders)

DIAGNOSIS: ATTRACTION (4.5) by Rebecca York: It seems the Solomon Clinic has another pair of genetically altered kids who are being hunted by an unknown foe. When Elizabeth Forester wakes up in the hospital, her memories are gone, until Dr. Matt Delano touches her. Suddenly both are inundated with recollections of the past, but Elizabeth can’t remember much about the men who are hunting her. Matt’s sense of professional conduct tells him it’s wrong to get involved with a patient, but every time he’s around Elizabeth, his resolve is tested. York takes her characters and thrusts them into a dual-plot storyline that will keep readers riveted.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper