When her father, Onyx Jewel, is murdered, Diamond Jewel takes justice into her own hands and trails the suspected killer, Adam Winter. However, when Diamond falls from her horse it is Adam who saves her and Diamond isn't so sure about him any more.

A stranger arrives at the ranch claiming to be Pearl, Onyx Jewel's daughter. Diamond, Adam and Pearl are ambushed. Who is the killer after them?

Then two more women arrive-Jade Jewel and Ruby Jewel-and Diamond learns a great deal about her father through the eyes of her sisters. It is with their help that she realizes she is in love with Adam and that she will have to seduce him to make him see his true feelings for her.

Meanwhile a killer is stalking Diamond and now Pearl, Jade and Ruby as well. Adam risks his life to save Diamond, but is he willing to risk his heart as well?

Ruth Langan has written another winner. Adam is tender, yet hard while Diamond is an innocent spitfire; their two personalities are bound to clash, much to this reader's delight. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager