Continuing with her powerfully emotional and captivating Scottish series, Patricia Potter delivers this tale of the forbidden and dangerous love between a Jacobite and the daughter of the clan who destroyed his homeland.

Following the Battle of Culloden, Alex became captain of a ship bound for Brazil and the diamond mines. As a privateer, he frequently captures British vessels, and his latest prize yields him a beautiful, rebellious captive. She is a woman he should despise, but her gentleness in caring for a sick child, her steadfast loyalty to his crew when they face danger, and her heartfelt attempts to ease his personal pain captivate Alex.

Jenna Campbell had been on her way to marry a man she has never seen. In Alex she finds a man she can admire and love.

As they cross the ocean and carve a path into the jungles, they discover a powerful love, but many obstacles await.

Patricia Potter creates magic with her pen; the magic of love's power to heal and the magic to keep us wishing the story would never end. But most of all, she always makes me believe in the magic of mankind—finding its central goodness and nurturing every positive emotion so I can believe that love will truly conquer all, even on the worst of days. As always, an exceptional read from Ms. Potter. SENSUAL (Jul., 390 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin