When you have a dream burning in your heart, is it so wrong to help it along? Ten-year-old Lyssa Sampson doesn't think so when she decides she might have a better chance of achieving her pitching goals if her coach, Mel Jenkins, liked her mom.

However, in typical preteen fashion, when it looks like she might get what she planned, Lyssa has second thoughts and pulls out of the matchmaking game. And in so doing Mel and Terri must find the path God has chosen for them or be kept apart by fear.

This is a simple, sweet romance penned with Hatcher's customary knack for invoking emotions. It's the type of book that makes the reader want to live in a place such as Hart's Crossing, and they can do that with this endearing story. The only thing wrong with this novel is that it's too short! (Apr., 144 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston