There should always be fireworks between lovers and in Constance Lauxs DIAMOND RAIN there are real ones. Isabel and Ben go head to head to win the right to light the sky for Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee.

Four years ago they were set to marry and merge their companies until Isabel discovered Ben betrayed her. Her hurt has turned to cold revenge. Shell do just about anything to win the contest and the contract.

Meanwhile, Ben has never forgotten how Isabel left him at the altar and hes out to win, no matter the cost.

As Isabel and Ben contrive to sabotage each others displays, a mysterious enemy is out to ruin them both. Only by joining forces can they create the most ingenious fireworks extravaganza, unmask an assassin and rekindle a passion that makes their fireworks pale in comparison.

Theres plenty of laugh out loud antics as Isabel and Ben plot unusual ways to ruin each others exhibitions; from Isabel dressing up as a scantily-clad performer to Ben sliding down a wire. From masquerade balls to burglary and factory explosions, these two make their own blasts of passion colliding in a battle of wills that will surely delight readers in this original, humorous and beguiling story. SWEET (Apr., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin