Olivia St. John arrives in South Africa, ready to claim her inheritance—a boardinghouse in Kimberly. The only person her lawyer trusts to escort her is Matthew Quinlan, diamond jackal extraordinaire.

Quinn reluctantly escorts the pretty young woman through the bush as a favor to his lawyer and friend. Quinn is attracted to Olivia, but believes that a "lady" is not for the likes of him. Still, their sexual magnetism burns as hot as the African sun. Olivia is fascinated by all she sees on the journey and by Quinn.

When Olivia receives a box that belonged to her uncle containing a large stone that she is sure is a diamond, she insists on going to Capetown with Quinn—but Quinn thinks it is because she will return to England with the money she gets from selling the stone. Can Olivia convince Quinn that she loves him and Africa?

This is a fast-paced tale, filled with adventure and the excitement of discovering a new and wonderful life. Olivia turns from a rather prim miss into a woman who can handle almost anything life throws at her. Quinn and Olivia grow both individually and together. Ms. Waddell is a talented writer who brings the African bush to life. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager