Young, willful and mischievous, Lady Cordelia Brandenberg is betrothed to Prince Michael von Sachsen, a man she has never met. But when she sees the dashing Leo Beamont, Viscount Kierston, Cordelia falls madly in love.

Leo, Prince Michael's brother-in-law, comes to the court of Vienna to escort Cordelia to Versailles and her new husband's home. Well educated with a zest for life, Cordelia offers to be Leo's mistress and he uses all his self control to resist this headstrong minx.

But he cannot shake off a deep concern for her. Cold, domineering tyrannical and a shade mad, Prince Michael sees a bit of defiance in Cordelia and vows to break her to his will as he did his first wife, Leo's twin.

Cordelia does not break easily and Michael only succeeds in sending her into Leo's arms. When she discovers Michael's secret, Leo's thirst for vengeance brings about a chilling conclusion and threatens not only their love but their quest for happiness.

With her marvelous imagery, Ms. Feather draws the reader into this decadent period with details of the day to day living in the courts of Vienna and Versailles, as well as a dark and captivating romance. SENSUAL (Feb., 385 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond