After eight years of being together Sienna feels Hawk is drifting away from her. Sienna was hoping they could move to a more permanent relationship, especially now that there is more than just the two of them to consider. However, Hawk has been experiencing new problems with his psychic abilities and is retreating within himself to deal with them. It is on a business trip to Hawaii that things really start to become complicated. And the Stonekeepers cycle is about to begin again…

A DIAMOND'S ALLURE is a fascinating story with the hero playing the central role. He is a strong character trying to discover his course in life. The way the heroine handled things was a bit disappointing. In spite of that, I could sympathize with her doubts and fears and realized as the story progressed how important her reactions were to the story line. It is imperative that this series, beginning with Emerald's Fire and continuing in The Passion Ruby, be read in order to be fully enjoyed. (May, 285 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley