Image of Diamonds in the Rough


Image of Diamonds in the Rough

Well known for her erotic romances, Da Costa sets out to write classic Victorian-style erotica, which is not highly romantic, but very sexual. Readers may need to cool off after some scenes. If you want a steamy, erotic love story this doesn’t do the trick, but if you crave more heat, lust and sizzle than passion you’ll delight in this rough diamond.

Adela Ruffington hasn’t seen her distant cousin Wilson since she lost her virginity to him seven years ago. In the years since, Adela has been assisting her family financially as an erotic artist. Fortunately, there are only two people who know what she does — until Wilson comes back into her life. When her portfolio goes missing, there is only one person who would have any reason to steal it: Wilson. He agrees to return it on one condition: that when she wants sex she seeks him out. She agrees. But before she knows it, Wilson storms into her mother’s home and asks for Adela’s hand in marriage. They marry, but refuse to admit they love each other. When Wilson finds out that his sister-in-law is being blackmailed, he and Adela concoct a plan to get her missing letters back — but will it also bring them together? (HQN, Jun., 377 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager