With this fast-moving, emotionally riveting, soul satisfying love story, Ms. Cooper-Posey just may have created a new historical sub-genre "Arthurian Britain", without using Arthur as the hero.

When the Saxons attack, Diana, the most under-appreciated family member of a Roman household, is all that stands between her peoples destruction and their survival.

Arthur has chosen Alaric, Merlins warrior cousin, to prepare Northern Britain for Saxon invasion. He is rebuffed by those who believe the Legions of Rome will return to save them from the Saxonsthey want nothing to do with that upstart Arthur.

Circumstances bring Diana and Alaric together, when she is forced to house and feed his men for the winter. However, there is barely enough to feed her household and with the addition of 30 more men, they will surely all starve by spring.

(Oct., 248 pp., dl $4.00, dk $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent