Not one for conforming to rules, mermaid Juna Lee Poinfax has once again managed to get herself in hot water. Juna Lee was supposed to approach world-famous children's book author Molly M. Revere and convince her to visit Sainte's Point Island, Georgia, to learn about her Mer roots. When Molly refuses, Juna Lee kidnaps her.

Mer-hunk Rhymer McEvers is mourning his sister. Rhymer heads to Sainte's Point in hopes of hiding his three nieces from their father, Orion, who may be dangerous. Molly's kidnapping adventure, meanwhile, has gone from annoying to dangerously magical. All of her emotions and senses seem attuned to the devastatingly attractive Rhymer, who is definitely more than an ordinary man. Can Molly help him protect the girls from danger?

The Merfolk are back for round two in New York Times bestselling author Smith's magical WaterLilies series. Filled with humor, adventure and paranormal thrills, this book alternates between the hilarious diary entries of Juna Lee and the dynamic saga of Molly and Rhymer. (Jul. '04, 261 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith