A deep family estrangement has kept Abby St. James living with her mother in the country while her twin sister Michaela resides with their father in NYC. Following the death of their parents, Abby and Michaela find they have little in common, other than looks. Especially considering that Michaela has earned the nickname "Black Widow" after wedding and burying several wealthy, elderly husbands.

Still, Abby agrees to take over Michaela's role in the family-owned NYC magazine, Bastion, while she is in Europe. However, when Abby enters the magazine headquarters, everyone mistakes her for Michaela. After a confrontation with the publisher, Stefan Massari, Abby realizes she didn't correct that misunderstanding. Seeing Stefan makes her realize that she still harbors the same crush that's lasted since her teenage years. Allowing herself to be mistaken for her sister is turning out to be a dangerous deception, for Michaela has attracted a stalker who is now hunting Abby.

Melanie George takes a walk on the dark and dangerous side with her sexy and spicy romantic thriller. A terrific combination of passion, danger and spice! (Nov., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith