Nina Quinn's company, Taken by Surprise Garden Designs, is fooled into digging up the wrong yard by her stepson's aunt and uncle, so she really can't be blamed when the owner comes home and promptly dies of a heart attack. Can she?

The district attorney will get back to her on that. And so will the grieving widow, who's threatening a lawsuit that could ruin her company. To save everything she's worked for, Nina has to do some digging of her own to find out who might have had it in for the not-too-popular Grabinsky.

In this third in a series, Nina is still dealing with stepson Riley's misadventures and counting the days (four) until her divorce from straying hubby Kevin is final. And then there's Bobby, the new man in her life; her warm and crazy family; and her idiosyncratic staff to contend with. Nina is charming and her co-stars realistic and funny, but the plot bogs down in places by the many characters and situations she has to deal with. (Apr., 256 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper