Ashley Webster and her super-smart brother Austin expect everything to stay normal in Normal, Illinois. Boy, are they wrong! After Austin buys a digital camera at a garage sale, they are transported into cyberspace at the click of a shutter. And that's not even the worst of their weird troubles.

Their aunt Jessica's prize-winning pooch, Applet, gets transported inside the Internet with them. How will they get Applet back to Normal, not to mention themselves, in time for the big dog show?

Their wild ride through cyberspace gets really complicated when they run into Mattie Blankenskrean, another human "internaut." Ms. B. is determined to wipe out or change sites that don't suit her—especially anything from the Bible. Can the kids stop her before the truth is completely reprogrammed?

This first installment in the inspirational Hyperlinkz series takes kids from 8 to 12 on a high-speed romp full of hijinks and humor. (May, 117 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson