Image of The Dimitrakos Proposition (Harlequin Presents)


Image of The Dimitrakos Proposition (Harlequin Presents)
THE DIMITRAKOS PROPOSITION (4) by Lynne Graham: Refusing to lose guardianship of Amber, the child she’s loved and reared since birth, Tabby Glover decides to enter the lion’s den and demand that Ash Dimitrakos take his share of the guardianship he’s selfishly neglected. A stipulation in his father’s will that Ash must take a wife or lose half his company has stunned and angered him. But the whirlwind who storms into his life demanding his help could solve his problem. Can this broken pair find a forever together? Graham’s fabulous settings will inspire envy, her baby-girl co-star steals hearts and her enigmatic, scarred couple keeps the pages turning as she heats up a marriage-of-convenience romance with lovemaking that blazes.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt