Image of Dinner First, Me Later?


Image of Dinner First, Me Later?

Halliday's second installment in her Housewives Fantasy Club series is fun but also serious. There is humor, but the hero's battle to make a home for his daughter is presented with diligence and care. The daughter is exceptionally likable, and characters from the previous book play a large role.

Having just recovered from a painful divorce, Alicia focuses on making her business successful. But when she discovers Jake, the man she's had fantasies about since she was a teenager, living across the street, things change.

With Alicia's friends determined to match them up and Jake's daughter and her dog taking a liking to her, Alicia finds business taking a backseat. Too bad Jake, a retired baseball player, has a reputation as an irresponsible playboy. Now that his ex-wife has died, he wants custody of his daughter. Getting involved with a beautiful woman is out of the question. (Warner FOREVER, Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley