DIPLOMACY OF WOLVES (4) introduces an impressive fantasy saga, The Secret Texts, from rising star Holly Lisle. In an ancient land still scarred by the irresponsible use of magic, two families struggle for power, each the unrelenting enemy of the other, each willing to invoke forbidden powers. One of their newest diplomats, Kait Galweigh, becomes the center of dangerous power play in which the Sabir clan seeks the final destruction of the Galweigh family. Although Kait escapes the grim fate of most of her family, the price is very high indeed. And so she vows to find and bring back the magical Mirror of Souls to bring her family back to life. But others, including a fledgling lord of the Sabirs, not too mention the gods, have their own plans for Kait. Ms. Lisles intricate plotting provides a surprise around every corner, and a variety of interesting characters engage our empathy as they make their way through their perilous world.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer