Image of Dirty Blonde


Image of Dirty Blonde
Successful Philadelphia attorney Cate Fante has just landed the job of a lifetime. Although only 39, she's been appointed a federal court judge. But her judicial career is marred when a brawl erupts in her courtroom.

Cate ruled against the plaintiff, who claimed that the defendant, a Hollywood producer, stole his ideas for a new television series. Shortly after the verdict, the plaintiff attacks the defendant, who is later shot to death outside a popular Philadelphia eatery. The plaintiff becomes the chief suspect and, as this case unravels, Cate's hidden sex life comes to light, jeopardizing her job and her personal life. But the scandal is minor compared to the attempts on Cate's life as she returns to her hometown in the Pennsylvania mountains.

Brilliantly conceived and thoughtfully written, Scottoline's latest not only thrills with fast-paced suspense, it reveals the everyday prejudices women face working in a field dominated by men. The author's insight into the ins and outs of the judicial system adds credibility and realism to this top-notch thriller. (Mar., 368 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick