James' romance is filled with
humor, hot sex and a hero who's
too sweet for his own good. A man who wants romance but knows how
to act between the sheets is a hero worth reading about more than
once. The heroine is top-notch, and
the secondary characters, including
the dog Duke, are wonderful. Conflict from Nathan's ethnic background
and his penchant for overwork is
well done and adds to the plot.

Tate, short for Tatum, is ready for anything but romance. So while she's waiting to see if she'll be fired from her job as a graphic designer, she returns to her childhood roots. Bring on hot sex and no strings -- at least that way she won't get hurt. But when she meets her best friend's brother Nathan, a Native American with romance and work on his mind, she discovers that his brand of love is something her heart's never had. Nathan's romantic overtures are second to his hot and inventive sexual moves, but when she discovers that he's deceived her, she's on the run back to her old life. (Samhainpublishing.com, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith