Leto jumps in with both feet in her latest entry in the Marisela Morales series. The heroine is sassy, saucy and sexy, and the book sizzles. Leto's style is fast, breezy and loaded with tension. She's created a complex plot that's executed with precision. Her characters have no middle ground and are worth a second look. Plus, Boston makes a wonderful backdrop.

Bounty hunter Marisela works with her ex-boyfriend, Frankie. Not only do they have a past, they also have a present. Frankie is H-O-T and knows all of her buttons, but Marisela is working on the "no" word. While they're working a high-powered event, a guest is shot. This opens a multifaceted case that goes back many years.

It seems there were murders years ago involving the man who was shot. As Frankie and Marisela dig deeper, more people die. The heat is on, and this book rocks! (POCKET, Sep., 350 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown