Marisela Morales is a former gang member who gets an offer she can't refuse: go undercover to find the kidnapped daughter of a Boston heiress. Along with an enormous cash reward comes an unexpected opportunity to work with her ex, Frankie Vega, a bad boy gone really bad who once broke her heart. Marisela accepts the assignment and plunges into a high-powered world of arms dealers and double-crossers.

This couple is refreshing. A sassy, cocky heroine who lives for thrills and an irresistibly sexy bad boy, they make a compelling duo as they dodge bullets and assassins in their attempt to recover Jessica Perez. Leto also does a great job with the secondary characters and provides a moral quandary for Marisela and Frankie that puts them in danger.

Although the plot hinges on a far-fetched scenario, the unrelenting pace and the quality of the characters more than compensate. Leto is off to a flying start with this first book in a projected series. (Jun., 336 pp., $12.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter