In the author’s own words, “This here ain’t no romance; it’s an urban erotic tale.” Noire’s trilogy starring master con artist Mink LaRue solidifies her seat among the vanguard of African-American authors who dare to write riveting erotica that stirs more than one’s loins. The characters are as indelible as the exhilarating drama that increases your pulse with every mind-blowing scene. Dirty Rotten Liar takes you from the ghetto to billionaire row, and the lanes merge as readers go along for the ride.

Mink and her look-alike rival, Dy-Nasty, are scamming the Dominions to get $300,000 a year for life. Yet, only one can be declared the rightful heir to this oil dynasty. Dy-Nasty beats Mink to the bed of “Mama Selah,” the wife of the ruthless Viceroy Dominion, to gain an early advantage. What a tangled web they weave as twist after twist and layer after layer reveals who the true professional liars are when millions of dollars are at stake. (DAFINA, Jul., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton