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by Tad Williams

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

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Established fantasy author Williams’ first foray into the world of urban fantasy is an unevenly plotted and paced novel, featuring a wise-cracking, street-smart angel. There are lots of frenetic action sequences that make it difficult to follow exactly what’s happening, and the worldbuilding is a bit sloppy: The afterlife is explicitly described as adhering to no specific religion, but looks an awful lot like the Christian conception, right down to the existence of heaven, hell and purgatory.

The angel Doloriel or, as he’s better known, Bobby Dollar, is an advocate for recently departed souls, arguing for their salvation against demons who have an interest in eternal damnation. When a soul turns up missing, Bobby finds himself mired in conflict and conspiracy, with no clue what’s going on. He can’t trust his heavenly superiors, demons keep punching him in the face and the only entity willing to share any information is the demon Countess of Cold Hands. (DAW, Sep., 400 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed By: Natalie A. Luhrs

Publisher: DAW

Published: September 2012

Reader Rating

3 Stars

Average Rating: 3 Stars
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LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of The Dirty Streets of Heaven

Submitted by MichelleLOlson on November 21, 2012 - 9:40am.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer - Michelle M:

I have never really read a book about angels so I was definitely interested in reviewing this book. Although a little too detailed in some areas I did enjoy the story line. Heaven is a lot like our government in many ways and this is where I found there were too many details and I wanted to skip ahead. When a soul breaks away from the body it was in, an advocate from Heaven and Hell tell a judge the "good and bad" about this person so it is decided where they shall go following their death. This is where Bobby Dollar comes in.

Bobby Dollar is not your average angel, he cusses, drinks, loves women and is always getting himself into sticky situations. I honestly found him quite funny in a lot of the book and that was refreshing. The fact that he is an angel but in his "human" body and an average "bad boy" was a interesting concept. After a soul goes missing, Bobby questions the actions of both Heaven and Hell and it tends to bring some interesting characters to his door. You have his friend who can only talk while in pig form, a demon Countess that he is infatuated with and a guy that is a wanna be rapper/wanna be sidekick.

I tend to think of Urban Fantasy books as having a lot of action, this one didn't have as much as I would have liked. I would recommend this book to an Urban Fantasy lover and overall I give this book a 3 Skull rating.