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Image of Discord's Apple

In a departure from her Kitty Norville series, Vaughn steps into the world of fantasy and mythology with her new novel. This modern-day fairy tale explores a world on the edge of a precipice, while incorporating characters from myth, magic and comic books. There is a feeling of impending doom that gives Vaughn’s story its uniquely intense and edgy feel. Make sure you take a bite!

Upon learning that her father is dying of cancer, comic book writer Evie Walker leaves LA for her hometown of Hope’s Fort, Colo. While Evie feels that her world is crashing down around her, really the entire world is on edge as it draws closer to a nuclear conflict. As Evie tries to cope by continuing to work on her latest comic book, she is confused by the appearance of odd strangers who arrive at her father’s door, requesting objects from the Walker basement storage room. One man calling himself Alex claims to have been cursed with immortality by the god Apollo. Alex warns that Hera is after an object from the mysterious storeroom — and letting her have it could have apocalyptic repercussions. (TOR, Jul., 320 pp., $23.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith