Alana Travers enjoys her job as housekeeper at the Burgundy Peak Hotel. The night shift allows her to live her life as a vampire to the fullest. But when she lets herself into what she thinks is an empty room, she gets more than she bargained for -- half-naked, sexy vampire Disdain.

Disdain isn't sure if the beautiful woman standing in his room is for real or not. What he is sure of is that he wants to bed and share blood bites with her. But if he allows Alana to sip his blood, she could die from the silver in his body.

Alana finds that Disdain is also a teacher whose job is to help others of his kind overcome any psychic weaknesses that could get them a stake through the heart. But his role as teacher takes on a sensual nature when Alana challenges him.

Hill gives readers a different look at vampires with a hotel that employs paranormal beings. A wide array of characters -- as well as sexy love scenes -- make this a delightful and scorching read. (dl $4.49)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith