It's a laugh a minute when three rambunctious little boys set out to find a new wife for their widowed father, a drop-dead gorgeous hunk who owns a chain of exclusive resorts in OPERATION MOMMY (4). The lucky stiff not only gets to cope with one domestic disaster after another, he also has to find a way to resist the charms of his sons' prime candidate, his brother's beautiful journalistic colleague. Although we don't get to dig into the hero's inner emotions until the very end of the book, the delightful machinations of Caroline Cross' charming characters will bring a lot of sunshine into your day.

Diana Mars triumphs with MIXED-UP MATRIMONY (4), a striking and sensitive love story of two single parents trying to cope with teenage offspring who want to throw away all their plans for school to run off and get married. Ms. Mars imbues her passionate romance with a ring of authenticity any parent will immediately recognize and applaud.

Joan Johnston winds up the Children of Hawk's Way trilogy with THE DISOBEDIENT BRIDE (4). A handsome rancher is taken aback when an old acquaintance from his youth impulsively answers his advertisement for a wife who can bear his children. But can he keep his relationship with the beautiful nurse on the business footing he thinks he wants? Although somewhat short in length, this riveting romance makes every word count with a particularly affecting ending.

The fresh and unique touch of Christine Rimmer brings joy to our hearts in CAT'S CRADLE (3). After a highly-publicized stunt ends in disaster, a famous motorcyclist heads back to his old hometown and falls in love with the sensitive woman behind the facade of a gruff handywoman. After a somewhat slow start, this appealing love story really rolls into gear when this disparate duo becomes snowbound with a small baby.

Passion explodes between a handsome builder and his brother's widow when they are thrown into each other's company after his sibling's death. But can THE REBEL AND THE HERO (3) overcome the bitterness of the past and find happiness together? Although many tough words are exchanged between the two fiery-tempered lovers, Helen R. Myers turns this explosive love story into a real class act in the passionate resolution.

A handsome rancher is torn between his determination to maintain his independence of his powerful father and his fascination with the lovely stepsister who arrives on his doorstep to reconcile the two in FALCON'S LAIR (3). Sara Orwig joins the Silhouette family with an intense love story no heart can resist.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer