The Disobedient Virgin (4.5) is the thrilling conclusion to The Ramirez Brides trilogy. When his biological father dies, Jake Ramirez can only meet his two half-brothers if he agrees to "nurture and protect" his father's ward, Catarina Mendes. He also must marry her off to a proper Brazilian husband within two months. But, after meeting Cat, Jake decides he wants her for himself. Sandra Marton's latest is an exquisite tale. The hero is a rugged Latin lover with a bit of an edge, yet he always knows when to pull back and put the heroine first. The heroine is passionate and larger than life, yet relatable. With passion steaming off the page, the chemistry between the two is dynamite. You couldn't ask for a finer romance as two people not only fall in love but also make personal sacrifices to be together.
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short