A dream wedding turns into a nightmare when Katherine Cassandra Keagen (K.C.) is kidnapped and embroiled in international intrigue. Although she and fianci Sheriff Elliot Gavin chose Granada, Spain for their wedding on recommendation of dear friends, they also both have work-related opportunities there. Gav is researching a medieval cult and K.C. will be teaching a writers workshop.

Behind cult trappings, a covert organization plans a government takeover, luring Gav into their web. K.C. discovers the truth, but can she get to Gav in time? If only he guesses the truththe Dear Gav letter left at the scene of her abduction was a ruse.

Elliot Gavin doesnt want to think hes been jilted, but K.C.s letter seems authentic enough. Yet, something doesnt ring true, setting his detective mind to wonder. Should he give her the time she asks for or launch a one-man womanhunt for his beloved?

Set against a backdrop of Spanish medieval landmarks, Diane Noble utilizes the countrys elusive history to create an enthralling romantic mysterya fine sequel to Tangled Vines. (Sep., 450 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair