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Treasure hunters Jackson Falco and Tom Chapman are interested in a stolen shipment of gold bullion, apparently buried in the massive landslide that covered part of the coal mining town of Frank in 1903.

The two former members of Army Intelligence have built a successful career tracking treasure legends, but this time they live the legend when they're transported back to the historical town, exactly one year before the slide.

Thoroughly modern men, Jackson and Tom find life hard in 1903, but the friendship of the Ralston family eases the burden. Zelda Ralston, a 20-year-old temperance spitfire, feels her heart tug when she meets Tom and her father opens their home to the strangers.

Tom is leery of the emotions he's feelings and eager to return to the security of his wealth, but he can't resist the fiery, re-haired Zelda, who gradually comes to believe the unusual man she loves is really from the future.

Ms. Hutchinson carefully builds the drama to the night of the slide, with its window of opportunity to return through time. Zelda and Tom, each tied to their own time, must decide whether any time will hold their love. A compelling time-travel romance. SENSUAL. (May, 442 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce