Jesse Spotted Horse is one step away from capturing his dream. He's finally able to film a documentary about the off-reservation Indian Schools of the mid-19th century. Only the prim director of the Dubois School is holding him back. Then he offers her a part in the film, not realizing what that will cost him.

Kathleen Prescott's family has always run the Dubois. She either helps Jesse or she will have to give up her position. Then Jesse's tempting offer to be in the cast goes haywire. Once in their period costumes, they're snapped back into the past where everything she knows will be tested. They must hide their desire for each other as Jesse undergoes the harsh treatment his ancestors experienced and Kathleen uncovers her heritage.

Aitken's fine portrayal of an oft-overlooked period deftly blends history and myth to create a story of passion and betrayal. Actual quotes from famous historical figures anchor the fantasy element, while sketches of present-day personalities offer humor. Overall, this is a nicely done time travel with an intriguing backdrop. SENSUAL (Sep., 325 pp.,$5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black