Tandi is unhappily married to Jared Crawford. Three years ago, after discovering he was having an affair, she began daydreaming about Brent, her high school sweetheart. Finally giving up on her marriage, Tandi takes her 11-year-old son and moves into her father's house. But is a new life without Jared really how she imagined it would be?

Brent's return to New York, the discovery that one of her friends was not as loyal as she believed, her father's sudden illness and revelations about her mother tear Tandi's world apart. It may be that she didn't realize what she had until she left it behind.

This is the journey of a woman who must determine which dreams are worth fighting for and which are best let go. Though the characters tend to be unhappy people who can't seem to find joy in life, the end leaves you with hope that this is changing. (Oct., 336 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley