Image of A Distant Magic


Image of A Distant Magic

Putney's latest Guardian novel can be read on many levels. It's a smart, strong, emotionally intense romance filled with historical details and a powerful message. Weaving together threads of pure captive/captor romance, paranormal and time travel, Putney brilliantly merges three genres into one masterful novel.

As the daughter and sister of powerful Guardians Jean MacRae knows what good their "powers" can bring. She's attending a wedding in Marseilles when she's taken captive by Captain Nicolai, who claims her father betrayed him, leaving him to slavers when he was a boy.

Though bent on revenge, Nicolai doesn't know what to make of Jean, who shows great bravery when they meet his enemy in battle. He tells her about his years of slavery and what the loss of freedom means, but it's through the parallel story of the African slave, Adia, that the true horrors of slavery are brought to light. Jean vows to help Nicolai in his fight against slavery, and by combining their powers they travel through time, working with abolitionists to end slavery. Joining together for the good of mankind brings them the love they both need to survive. (Del Rey, Jul., 331 pp., $24.95)
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Kathe Robin