For five years Lara has been the wife to Vartan, leader of the Outland clans. When he's killed in cold blood by his treacherous brother, Lara avenges his death and flees. She is captured and presented to Magnus Hauk, ruler of Terah, as a gift.

Magnus is fascinated by Lara's courage, intelligence and outspokenness, which earn his admiration, while her beauty earns his love. When Lara lifts an ancient curse that has nearly destroyed the country, he shows his gratitude by agreeing to cross the great sea and return to Hetar with her.

Though the war between The Outlanders and Hetar is long over, Gaius Prospero is plotting to become emperor. As Lara and Magnus walk into the city, they discover that deception, treachery and betrayal surround them. With her fairie knowledge and powers, Lara refuses to falter in her quest to prevent another war and keep Hetar safe as the prophecy foretells: "From a distant tomorrow comes Hetar's true destiny."

The second volume in Small's fantasy series is imaginative and inspiring. Like Skye O'Malley, Lara is unstoppable, powerful, passionate and a woman who wins in a man's world. As Lara seeks out her destiny, we watch in awe as Small hooks us into a story of unrivaled adventure, excitement and steamy sensuality. Once again the incomparable Small works her magic. VERY SENSUAL (May, 535 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin