Young-adult readers will enjoy this latest installment in Turtledove's series about parallel worlds. The protagonists are eminently sympathetic, and the moral quandaries and decisions that need to be made will resonate with readers.

The United States isn't united at all in the parallel world of this Crosstime Traffic book. The Constitution was never ratified, so each state -- or in some cases, groups of states -- is an independent nation, and Ohio and Virginia have just gone to war with each other. Again.

Californians Beckie and Justin are each in Virginia for different reasons: Beckie's joining her grandmother on one last trip to her home state, and Justin's accompanying his mother on company business. They both get stuck in Virginia when Ohio unleashes a deadly plague on the state, and they can't do anything but watch as plague and violence rip the world apart. (TOR, Sep., 288 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs