Horse Whisperer author Evans has carefully combined a mystery with the story of one family's breakup and healing. In the frozen Montana mountains, skiers find the body of a young woman, later identified as Abbie Cooper, an eco-terrorist suspected of murder. Her parents hadn't heard from her in many months, and her death remains a mystery.

The details of Abbie's complicated history soon emerge. A privileged young woman from Long Island, New York, she was devastated when her father left her mother and moved away with a woman he met on the family's annual Montana vacation. As a student at the University of Montana, Abbie protests against organizations that damage the environment and becomes romantically involved with Rolf, a violent eco-terrorist whose destruction of property leads to an accidental death. When the FBI charges Abbie and Rolf with murder, they roam the country.

This poignant novel will resonate with fans of deeply emotional fiction, as Abbie's intricate family life is woven into the mysterious fabric. (Sep., 400 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick