Image of Divine By Blood (Partholon Novels)


Image of Divine By Blood (Partholon Novels)

This fifth book in Cast's rich and complex Partholon series focuses on the next generation of the goddess Epona's chosen. The seductive power of darkness is at the core of this cautionary tale of mothers and daughters. This is a very welcome addition to the series.

Raised by her "grandparents," the Parkers, until she's almost 18, young Morrigan has no idea that she's not the daughter of Shannon Parker. But it turns out she's the daughter of the now deceased former Chosen of Epona, Rhiannon.

During a visit to a local Oklahoma cave, Morrigan realizes the stones and crystals are speaking to her and calling her "Bringer of Light." Then a terrible cave-in shifts her from Oklahoma into Partholon, where she must quickly learn to adapt, since she's believed to be the High Priestess of Adsagsona. Luckily handsome centaur Kegan offer his support, but is Morrigan in danger of falling to the same dark forces that destroyed her mother?

(LUNA, Sep. 448 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith