With Cast's imaginative style, expectations are
high for this second book
in the Divine series, and it delivers. Superlative world-building and a modern, sarcastic heroine make this an accessible and delightful read. The first
of this series, Goddess by Mistake, earned a 41/2 star rating; the updated reissue, Divine by Mistake, is even
better. While Divine by Choice can stand on its own, pick up both of
these treasures for your keeper shelf.

Content in the alternate reality of Partholon into which she had been pulled, Shannon, Chosen One of the goddess Epona, is thrust back into her previous life as a schoolteacher. Having just discovered she is pregnant, Shannon is desperate to return to her doting centaur husband, ClanFintan.

In her absence, Rhiannon, her mirror image, is creating havoc among her loved ones in Oklahoma. Shannon enlists the help of her husband's double to defeat Rhiannon's evil plans before returning home.

(LUNA, Dec., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani