Image of Divine Fantasy


Image of Divine Fantasy

Long on conversation and introspection, Jackson's latest also presents a satisfying amount of action to keep the story moving, and she has a wonderful way with descriptive language. There are some great connections with previous books and a surprise at the end.

Because of a heart defect Audrey Atheneum grew up unwanted, mostly in boarding schools. That's why she hates the holidays, especially this Christmas, the first after her miscarriage and subsequent breakup with Max. Wanting to get away, Audrey heads for Dolphin Island, Fiji, and some time in the sun. Things takes a turn for the bizarre when she meets Ambrose Bierce, an author who disappeared in 1914. Soon she and Ambrose are fighting off zombies and ghouls. Ambrose is often called upon to use his powers to keep Audrey's damaged heart beating as it should. (LOVE SPELL, Feb., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley