This story is creatively told in two parts: third person and the hero's first person. The appearance of characters from former stories is sadly lacking, but it helps
to have read the previous Divine Fire
to understand background details. Though the story tends to drag, Jackson amazingly weaves the present-day world with her alternate reality. The blood and guts almost make this a
horror story instead of a romance. Jackson's new breed of vampire is especially hideous.

Ninon is immortal, her life extended by bathing in Saint Elmo's Fire every 50 years, yet she has barely survived Saint Germain's attempt to end her existence. Now she must renew herself, face Saint Germain and stop him from unleashing his evil on the world.

To do this, she hooks up with Miguel, who has an evil god for a father and must battle against the bloodlust of being a vampire. Together, can they save the world? (Love Spell, Sep., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley